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Visibility through the STEM-Away resume, connections in the STEM community, guidance from mentors & role models, skills for real world success.
For students & junior professionals
It's about
Real World STEM Success!
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AI Machine Learning powered solution to search, track & pre-screen a large and diverse talent pool.
Internships and entry level jobs
A smooth
Exciting Hiring Experience
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Working together. A STEM ecosystem encompassing students, educators, professors, counselors, tutors and companies.
Helping the next STEM generation
Myriad ways
To Make an Impact

The STEM-Away PanDimensional Resume

All skills backed by STEM-Away activities. The depth dimension.
In-built Machine Learning based college & career pathway recommendations.
Easily customizable for a specific job
Views for peers, mentors, hiring managers
STEM-Away Projects
Virtual Internships

Build connections with mentors, peers, and mentees. Work on real life challenges. Initiate a project, build up a virtual team. Showcase creativity & leadership.

Skills Arena
Hard & Soft Skills

Create innovative challenges that promote a deep understanding. Solve problems created by your peers as well as real life challenges posed by STEM professionals. Focus on critical soft skills.

College Guidance

Are you a few steps along on the STEM path? By giving advice on college navigation and encouraging your peers & juniors, you will be rated as a Top Mentor.

Career Guidance

Are you a junior professional? Provide helpful advice on career transition & navigation. Make an impact on the STEM pipeline. Showcase your leadership & mentoring skills.

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Only at STEM-Away

Mentor Chains
STEM-Away offers a unique opportunity to not only learn from those ahead of you, but guide those behind you. At STEM-Away, every participant is both a mentor and a mentee.
Byte-sized Volunteering
We know that taking time out for volunteering is not easy, so we created Byte-sized volunteering. Volunteer as little or as much as you want. Help open doors for the next STEM generation.
Working Together
A STEM ecosystem encompassing students, educators, professors, counselors, tutors and companies. Paving the way for the next STEM generation.