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All skills backed by STEM-Away activities. The depth dimension.
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In-built Machine Learning based college & career pathway recommendations.
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Easily customizable for a specific job
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Step I
Register. Become a member of the STEM-Away Community.

Step II

Enter your details in the Resume Builder. Each section corresponds to a section in the generated resume. The Resume Builder creates a user-friendly online visual resume. Continue on to the next step to enter your projects, coursework, and achievements.
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  2. Technical Skills
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  4. Highlights
  5. Languages & Tools
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  7. Education
  8. Videos & Links

Every skill entered in the Resume Builder generates a forum tag or links to an existing tag. The forum tags are used to link forum posts to skills displayed on the resume. Current tags/skills database:

Step III

Use the STEM-Away forums to enter activities that support your skills. Integrate existing activities or create new ones. Tag your posts with one or more of your skill tags to create a dynamic link to your resume. The post type will determine the categorization.
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